dimanche 17 janvier 2016

Pop Pin Up

Voici Lara, Lara est fan de Star Wars. Chez elle, il fait toujours bon (ducoup elle a enlevé son bonnet).
Mais le plus épatant chez cette fille, c'est son énorme paire d'écouteurs avec lesquels elle écoute du John Williams.

This is Lara, she's a StarWars fan. Her flat is always warm & cosy so she' decided to remove her wooly hat.
But the most stunning with that girl is her big pair of headphones, with which she's listening to some John Williams

Jeu: Sauras-tu trouver les 29 références graphiques, cinématographiques et vidéoludiques cachés dans l'appartement de Lara, sans te laisser distraire par sa jolie paire d'écouteurs?

Game: Can you find the 29 graphic/cinematographic/gaming references hidden inside her flat, without being distracted by her nice pair of headphones?

12 commentaires:

  1. On the TV and support: ET, Terminator, Conan, Jumanji VHS, Tetris on the player, Ghostbusters and Watchmen stickers.

    Shelf and wall: Indiana Jones (golden idol), Hellboy hand? Chihiro's NoName, The Mask? Next to Mononoke's mask.. Asterix's canteen? next to a dragon ball, and an injector? (too small to tell, could be small gun from MiB) A Stark Trek constitution vessel, probably the Enterprise. A batarang hanging from the lamp, and the posters: Jurrassic Park, Sauron's eye, Wolverine and Zangrief?

    Floor: X-men comics, Star Wars IV VHS case, Alien drawing. Game boy and Playstation.

    Girl is wearing triforce earring? and drinking from an Alliance mug.

    No idea what either T-shirt refers... and Super Mario curtains? cat also looks strangely familiar...

    What did I miss or got wrong?

    1. Nice guesses and no mistakes! However you missed 3 references. One of them is a movie about time travel featuring Christopher Llyod, the second is also syfy featuring Gary Oldman, The last and more discrête being fantasy saga featuring Alan Rickman & based on famous novels.

    2. Dam... Outtatime and the arrows... That was obvious, was thinking around the videogame sector.

      However the quote I'd have never guessed without looking what films your hint played in, too many years since I saw that movie. But it immediately stood out among his filmography. Now I want to watch it again... but I'm afraid I might spoil the good (but diffuse) memories I have of it.

      And recently departed Severus Snape still eludes me with the reference... I'll need one more hint. Pleas?

    3. The 5th element is an amazing movie. Watch it again you won't be dissapointed.

      Concerning the last one you missed the object but already found the reference... there's a Golden Snitch in front of the heater

    4. Oh! I wondered what that was... Decided it was part of the vacuum cleaner. With zoom you can see a lot more clearly all the references, should have done that first thing. Missed the 1984 text in the poster too. Does that make 30 references? You can count the girl's name as well as a pop reference, no?

      I'll watch the 5th element again then, however I'm still surprised by the "obscurity" of some movies (Conan, Jumanji, 5th element) compared to other pop icons that are missing such as The Matrix or a Tarantino film (whichever is your favourite).

      Really good job with the drawing, had lots of fun with the challenge and was only distracted the first 30 minutes... :p

    5. Yeah but I didn't count the 1984 as a separate ref since it's already a ref mashup...But yeah I've chosen Lara for a reason.

      There aren't Matrix or Tarantino refs and there are so many others i could have included... except at one stage you gotta know when to stop... Besides we cannot see the rest of the flat, which should be full of other refs! ;)

      Anyway thx for the feedback! Much appreciated :)

  2. j'en ai 22 ! et je parle en francais parcequ'on est en france ici

    1. Very good! But I trust you can do better than that! ;)

    2. I'm not in France so I speak whatever I like... :p And I got more than you... nananaananaaa!

      Why do you think the author posts both in French and English? Cuz he got an international audience! Yeah!

  3. En tant qu'ancienne Tetris addicted, je suis contente que la référence y soit. Aussi bien sûr Indiana Jones, Star Wars and Co. Un jeu amusant de 7 à 77 ans. Et dans le reste de la pièce, il y a bien sûr un album de Tintin.

    1. Merci! :) Oui le reste de l'appartement serait lui aussi plein d'autres références, je me suis içi concentré majoritairement sur les références cinématographiques.